About Me

Let Love Guide Your Life

The Modern Day Bridget Jones

I live my life depending on how I feel in the pit of my stomach. Right now I live in Bordeaux working as a freelancer but who’s to say that a year from now I won’t be living in Kazakstan working in a small town coffee shop feeding leftovers to llamas.

I let my emotionally charged love of people and passions guide my life so that I have a life with zero regrets. Even when everything has gone unbelievably wrong (which it has) I look back and laugh. (Although at times I want to give my younger self a hug or two.)

I travel because I need to and I doubt this will change. I adventure off because I prefer to form my opinions on what I’ve seen rather than what I’ve read. Which is where my obsession of languages come in – they are so important if you really want to know what’s going on (which is key if you’re as nosy as I am) also speaking languages allows you to connect with people on a much deeper level. Although I also have the benefit of being British so nobody expects me to speak anything other than English, so I get to ear wig without anyone suspecting a thing. 


Physically, lots of people think I’m Latin but in fact I’m half English and half Palestinian. The Palestinian conflict is an issue close to my heart even though I’ve never lived there, the majority of my family still do. 

My accent, (for those of you that comment on my films,) is from a small northern town in Lancashire (UK) which means I don’t sound like the Queen. When I was 14 a random man in a coffee shop once said to me,

”Whatever you end up doing, never lose your accent.”

It was super random but he’ll be glad to know that even though I’ve not lived in Lancashire for over 6 years my accent’s here to stay.

I have absolutely no idea what my life holds, all I do know is that I will only let love guide it. No matter how hard it sometimes is, I will let my gut instinct and my heart create the paths I choose.  

When I’m ninety-nine and sat at the kitchen table having my morning coffee while the sun slowly rises. I’ll be able to look back with a little grin on my face knowing I’ve lived my best life and then I’ll get on my nippy little scooter to start a new adventure.